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Amanda Seyfried on lj.

For all fans of Amanda Seyfried.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


This community is members only so please join or watch.

→ All entries should be related to Amanda Seyfried and the characters she potrays.
→ Personal and rude comments about Amanda and the members of this community is not allowed[!].
→ Offensive comments will be deleted and can lead to banning from the community.
→ All [except fanart related] entries should be locked.
→ Please make sure you tag all your entries. [See our taglist before you do!]
→ Fanart entries [icons/graphics] should contain three teasers all featuring Amanda. The rest should go under an lj-cut.
→ Fanart entries should be made public for at least three days.
→ Discussions of tv-shows/films should go under an lj-cut to provent posters from being spoiled.
→ If you run a related community, you can promote it in this community. Non-related community promotion is not allowed.
→ Do not hotlink!